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How long will your bands last ?

It depends on how often and hard you use the bands.Based on our testing,pull the tube to 2.5 times longer than itself,60-70 times pulling per mins,the tube can be used 20,000 to 300,000 times before the latex tube become aged.

How long should my tubing products last?

The lifespan of our products depends upon the amount of use and proper care. All of our products are warrantied for 90 days. We recommends inspecting all tubing products on a regular basis and replacing annually to ensure the best possible performance.

How do I choose the correct resistance band to exercise with?

This is a big question because of the wide variance of individual strength levels. Fortunately a 41 Inch standard size. Our Band provides a resistance variance of at least 30 regardless which band you choose.For example, a black medium band will create a resistance between 30 to 60 lbs depending on the starting tension and end of movement tension. Comparing this to constant free weight resistance that has only 1 resistance level it provides the user with multiple levels of resistance in a single band. That said, we still recommend purchasing at least 2 or 3 levels of resistance bands but that is a whole lot less expensive and more space efficient than having to purchase a dozen pairs of dumbbells.

What are the advantages of your resistance bands ?

1.Good elasticity and comprehensive performance ,strong.2.The handles of bands are made of foam ,improve the comfort.3.The belts and buckles are durable , flexible combination.4.Use the door and apparatus as fixed point ,it's easy to use it. 

What should we do for resistance bands maintence ?

1.Don't wash the bands with over 50°c water.2.Don't keep the bands in sunny and humid place.3.Don't soak bands in the liquid like oil.4.Don't let the bands be sratched by the sharp object.5.Keep bands in the sealed plastic bags when you don't use for long time.6.When there's some stains on the surface , please clean it with water and don't soak it in water for long time.

What should we notice when we use latex resistance band ?

1. You need to check whether the handles and tubing are connected tightly.2. The bands should be used between 0°C - 40°C ,because pulling of tubing is not affected in these tempreture.3.Cannot have friction with hard objects when you use the bands , bands would better strethced up to 3 times of its origial length.4.If bands are out in the air for long time ,the surface of bands will turn out to be white.But this is normal case , it won't change the function of products.Just use wet towel to clean the surface.